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Kinds of Modern Trampolines

Thanks to the numerous adjustments and modifications to the trampoline since the time it was introduced to the market, people now have a wide variety to choose from. There are those that use trampolines for recreational purpose, those that form their entire fitness routine around it and a handful that enjoy both uses.

Round-Shaped Trampolines

Among all the types of trampolines available in the market, the round trampoline would be the most famous; it’s so popular that they are the kind of trampoline that you’ll see in a typical backyard. Available at a diameter of anywhere from twelve up to sixteen feet, round trampolines are commonly surrounded by secure safety nets and are highly recommended for children’s recreational use.

Rectangular-Shaped Trampolines

If you have noticed a gradual but steady increase on the popularity of rectangular trampolines, then there are two main reasons to thank for that. The shape of the trampoline itself is one of the reason why people prefer it, specifically because it better fits in the backyard all things considered including the space and possible fencing. People love a trampoline with a good bounce, and that’s exactly why more and more turn to rectangular trampolines; it’s uneven distribution of force is behind the higher bounce. It does sound like a lot of fun, do remember that the rectangular trampoline is recommended only for gymnasts and those that are skilled in jumping.

Water-Based Inflatable Trampolines

Generally placed in vast water spaces where it won’t bump into anything else, water based trampolines are also the inflatable kind. If you’re looking for a trampoline where people can bounce on for hours or as a device to launch people right into water then water trampolines are the best option. Water trampolines are commonly seen at summer camps and lakeside resorts.

The Mini Type of Trampoline

Fitness routines and exercises are the main usage of small trampolines. Aside from ease of storage, mini trampolines are great for indoor and outdoor usage and people love them because they are low-impact but with high benefits.

The Biggest Benefits of Mini Trampolines that You May Not be Aware of

Trampoline jumping offers a lot of surprising benefits, hence its incredible popularity.


One of the biggest benefit that comes from a mini trampoline is the overall entertainment value. As someone who has tried a form of exercise routine before, regardless of how simple or difficult it was, there’s no denying that those routines can be redundant and boring unlike that of a trampoline. In addition, people said that routines utilizing trampolines remind them of their childhood.

Experience Low Impact Cardio

Cardio exercises are typically difficult on the body. Trampolines are worlds softer especially when compared trials and roadways for running; leg and foot problems are a real issue in the future due to the jarring.

Burn Those Calories Away

Any kind of aerobic activity, when done right, will burn calories and that includes jumping on trampolines. The main difference is the fun you’ll experience while burning calories.

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